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About School of Law

About School of Law University of Phayao


• To develop and drive the School of Law, University of Phayao to achieve as a national leading model institution for legal education and judicial sciences.

• To educate law students in every dimension such as wisdom, knowledge, professional skill, and ethics to prepare them to be the law graduates of 21st century.

• To achieve the goal of being an academic institution with excellence in research for local problem-solving and community empowerment.


• To provide higher education emphasizing on the production of the quality law graduates with justice mind and professional efficiency • To develop academic research for the community’s quality of life development emphasizing on legal research and creating a research network with domestic and international communities and academic institutions • To provide academic and legal services emphasizing on the integration of knowledge to empower the local communities • To conserve local wisdom, arts, cultures, and environment and bring them to the world’s recognition • To manage the organization with good governance


“Law is the art and science of studying the rules, justice, and application of laws for the sake and interest of the country and bringing peace to the people.”

Attributes of the law graduates

“Holding on the rule of law, having creativity and service mind, and enhancing academic competency”

Shared Resolution

“Wisdom for Community Empowerment”


L: Legality

A: Adroitness

W: Wisdom

I: Integrity

Emblem and colors

“Color: Gold (color code: #C4996C) and White (color code: #FFFFFF)