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About School of Law

Background School of Law

Naresuan University Phayao Campus was established according to the cabinet resolution dated 20 June 1995 that gave the green light to “Project for the Distribution of Education to the Regional Areas (Phayao Province) by Naresuan University”.

On 8 October 1996, the cabinet resolved to change the campus name to Naresuan University Phayao Campus. The current location of the university is in Mae Ka Sub-district, Muang District, Phayao province. Naresuan University was granted permission from Ministry of Interior and Phayao province authorities to make use of the land as the university site.

The University of Phayao is a national university which its core mandate is to be a part of the community, by granting educational opportunity to the local communities, generating student practice and research within the area, and having students’ expected learning outcomes of local wisdom and appreciation.

In the fiscal year 2003, Naresuan University Phayao Campus developed the administrative structure and offered programs of study that responded to the government policy and the educational demand of young people. Law students were first admitted in that year into Academic Cluster of Liberal Arts. In 2008, Division of Law was separated from Academic Cluster of Liberal Arts and later became School of Law, University of Phayao.

The School of Law, University of Phayao, is committed to producing graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled in laws, and complete with the code of professional practice, integrity and social responsibility. Graduates are expected to provide quality services the society and economy throughout the upper-northern region of Thailand.